Lifting attachments
We are in the lifting business and serve the customers as operational and technical
consultants. Based on our experience and customer specifications we manufacture
specialized, heavy-duty, semi-automatic lifting attachments, most of which are found on the
business-end of huge cranes or forklift trucks. However, all attachments are customized,
in some way, to meet the requirements or flexibility of specific local operations.
The lifting applications vary broadly; wood pulp units, timber, steel, concrete constructions
or other unitized commodities.
Vandor offers complete lifting attachments which are based on standard components.
We hold to proven steel structures, systems and components whenever possible.
Close co-operation with Stinis Holland means there is a unique, immovable standard of
quality. The pursuit of excellence is our only motivation.
This applies to all spreader and other lifting systems and to all of the extras built
into Vandor products.
Vandor construction features are based on several decades of experience in the
manufacture of heavy-duty lifting equipment. We believe it shows in our products
and your productivity.

Lifting Frames


Pneumatic Hooks

Giant Forkpositioners