Based on decades of experiences in port operations, especially forest products handling, we can help you develop and improve
the handling of different kind of commodities; containers, roro, forest products, steel or others. We support you in technical or
operational developments of your facilities in ports environments.

Lifting attachments
We are in the lifting business and serve the customers as operational and technical
consultants. Based on our experience and customer specifications we manufacture
specialized, heavy-duty, semi-automatic lifting attachments, most of which are found
on the business-end of huge cranes or forklift trucks.

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Preseco – state-of-the-art environmental technology

Preseco Oy is a European environmental technology company.
Our key business idea consists in modelling and using nature’s own natural processes
in industrial production and on a large scale.
Preseco Oy’s main business field is the development of waste treatment methods
and the sale of waste management equipment and plants.
Our customers comprise the agricultural sector, biowaste treatment plants,
the food industry, fish farmers, kitchens for large scale catering and small,
geographically remote communities.
The common denominator for our customers is their interest in using the newest,
cost-effective, reliable and absolutely environmentally friendly technology.